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We are Northeast Iowa's premier livestock building repair service.  Not only do we provide 24 hour/ 7 day a week maintenance  services we also do new installations, remodels, slat repair, new curtain installation, gate repair,epoxy, and much more. Let us take care of all your livestock building needs.


From a broken curtain cable to a contoller acting up we service all aspects of your livestock building.  Over 20 years of combined experience.

Highly experienced in all livestock building remodels.  From finishing sites to nurserys we do it all.  We also offer custom gate packages to fit your needs.

 New controller installation, feed motors, fan motors, heater repair,  and all of your electrical needs.  Licensed and insured.

Doors wearing out?  We install premium doors that withstand the harsh conditions of livestock buildings.  Call today for an estimate.


Help protect your concrete and increase the longevity of your concrete with our epoxy floor coating.

Do you have a slat falling in?  Custom slat repair available.

Available for all your curtain needs.  Repair of existing curtains, curtain hardware, and curtain machines.  New installations.  Call for a quote.

We sell the AL10 Agrificient LED.  Replaces both your existing glass jar and light bulb.  The most rugged, longest-lasting LED in agriculture.  Ask us about it today!

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